Demo: How to Build an Event Ticketing Page

Watch our 6-Part Demo Video on how to Build an Event Ticketing Page:

Note: our platform is always evolving so new features may not be reflected in this video. (February 28, 2019)

PART 1: Getting Started
PART 2: Logos and Images
PART 3: Ticket Builder
PART 4: Additional Questions
PART 5: Thank You Message
PART 6: Event Dashboard & Making Changes

To start, visit the Nonprofit Admin Portal dashboard then click “Events” in menu on the top of the page.

The Basics

  1. Name your event for internal purposes then enter the name you want to appear on the event page.
  2. Starting typing in the venue name or address of your event. Choose a result to autofill the location details. Use the Google Maps widget to verify the address. You can also enter the address manually by clicking “Enter Address Manually”. A Google Maps widget will appear on your event page to help your attendees get to the event.
  3. Type in the start and finish time for your event. Ticket sales will end when the event starts.
  4. Enter a description to appear on your page. You can include images and video in this field.
  5. Associate your Event Page with an existing campaign (or to your core profile). Donation data will roll up to your selection.
  6. Upload your logo. This will appear in the top center of your page.
  7. Upload a background image that will feature prominently on your event page.
  8. Input your brand color, which will appear in all of the buttons on your Event Page.
  9. Upload an image that will appear when you share your page’s link on social media.
  10. Click “Save Changes” then click “Ticket Builder” in the menu on the left side of the page.

Ticket Builder

  1. Follow the instructions and enter basic information about your tickets, include name, price, and quantity available.
  1. Select whether ticket tiers will appear on your event page from lowest to highest or highest to lowest amount.
  2. Click “Add More Ticket Details” if you’d like to:
  • Add a ticket description to appear alongside the ticket tier on your page, set sale dates for each ticket tier,
  • Create group and table tickets
  • Designate a portion of each ticket as tax deductible.
  • Set a date range during which the ticket will be on sale. This feature is useful for offering discounts and specials like Early Bird sales.
  • (Optional) Collect additional information from donors.

Additional Questions and Thank You Message

  1. To collect additional information from donors, simply toggle the "Show/Hide" switch next to the field options(Company name, phone number, address, and custom) to ask the purchaser for that information after checkout.
  1. Checking the "Required” box will prompt the purchaser to answer that question before checkout is complete. We recommend only requiring questions essential to your event to reduce friction during the checkout process.
  2. Click “Save”.
  3. Write a Thank You message. This message will be sent automatically to attendees immediately after they purchase a ticket. Click “Add an additional message” under each Ticket Name to set up Thank You messages for attendees who buy a specific type of ticket.

March 7, 2019
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