Downloading donor data directly from the Nonprofit Admin Portal

Nonprofits can now download donor data directly from the Nonprofit Admin Portal with the click of a button. Simply log in and scroll down your dashboard to the section on the righthand side called, "Export Donor Data". Then put in the date range for the donation data you'd like to download and click "Export". Your download will begin momentarily. Once it's done, open the CSV file and sort the data however you'd like.

This data set will include donors' names, email addresses, donation date, whether the donation was one-time or monthly recurring, the size of the donation, which page they donated through, and any other information you've collected on your page. You can download a more extensive data set from Stripe that includes information about payment status, fees paid, credit card information, and more. Click here to learn how to download data from Stripe.

November 5, 2018