Setting up and using Peer-to-Peer fundraising

Peer-to-Peer fundraising enables your supporters to create their own fundraising pages on your behalf. It helps nonprofits engage their fans, connect with new donors, and raise more with less effort.

Peer-to-Peer is automatically incorporated into your core fundraising page as well as any campaign pages your nonprofit uses to raise money. To start a new Peer-to-Peer page, supporters simply visit your fundraising page and click "I Want To Fundraise For This". Then, they will be directed to register, come up with a goal, and write a note to donors.

When someone donates using a Peer-to-Peer page, you will see the donation in the Nonprofit Admin Portal as well as in Stripe. If the page is associated with one of your campaigns, funds raised on the Peer-to-Peer page will roll into your campaign's goal. To see all of your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages, go to the Nonprofit Admin Portal, and click "P2P Pages" in the top menu.  Watch the video below to see all of this in action.

December 6, 2018