Setting up the Peer-to-Peer Leaderboard

Our new Peer-to-Peer Leaderboard lets nonprofits feature their top P2P Fundraisers and the amount they've raised right on their campaign fundraising page. To include the P2P Leaderboard on your fundraising page, simply visit the Nonprofit Admin Portal and click, "Campaigns" in the top menu. Then, click "Manage" next to the campaign you'd like to edit. Click "Campaign Name, Description, and Goal" and scroll down.

Click the box next to "Show P2P Leaderboard". That's it! Now your top P2P Fundraisers will be featured on your campaign page. Up to 25 Fundraisers can appear here. Please note: showing the P2P Leaderboard will replace the "Recent Donations" section on your fundraising page.

You can also get a full view of the leaderboard by swapping "donate" in your campaign's URL with "leaderboard". For example, if your URL is:

You can view your leaderboard by changing the URL to this:

December 6, 2018