Give Lively Business Continuity During COVID-19 Pandemic

These are trying times. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the planet and disrupts people's lives, everything seems to be changing. But not Give Lively’s commitment to the nonprofit community.


Our commitment to working with and for the nonprofit community is unwavering. We are open for business now and fully confident of our ability to continue supporting our nonprofit members through these turbulent times. Their work is more critical than ever as health, welfare and economic vulnerabilities expand into new populations in the face of this pandemic, .

To ensure our uninterrupted operations, we’ve taken the following steps as part of our Business Continuity plan:

  • The entire Give Lively staff is working remotely, mostly from home offices in New York City. We made this decision as part of our contribution to community safety. We want our team to stay healthy and we believe it's important to be part of broader efforts to reduce the risk of wider infection.
  • The robustness of our technical, support and communications systems has been reviewed to accommodate remote work. Our operations will continue to be secure and monitored as regularly as always.
  • We have launched a new Slack channel open to both Give Lively staff and our member nonprofits. Collective knowledge is a strength and we are encouraging all of our members to share their wisdom and useful fundraising solutions with one another in these trying times.


Importantly, as our platform rests on the strong shoulders of several service providers, we have been working with them to evaluate and confirm their operational plans.

As reassurance to all, here is the public-facing information we have received. It has been bolstered by private words of assurance.

We have confirmation that Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Salesforce, Stripe, PayPal and Twilio adhere to a standards-based certification for Business Continuity:

We are also aware of strong mitigation strategies being used by Stripe, Plaid, Salesforce and others, some of them very specific to the viral outbreak:

The weeks and months ahead will come with serious challenges — to our private lives, our work rhythms and our communities near and far. But we place high value on everything that nonprofits are doing to confront these challenges at every level. It inspires us and keeps us motivated, since we know that what we do helps them.

We will continue to be vigilant in the monitoring of our systems, and in maintaining communication with our service providers. Our priority is the uninterrupted reliability of our platform so that we can continue building the fundraising products that are essential to nonprofits achieving their missions.