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Break the Cycle

"The team asked me at every turn whether the tech had what I needed, whether it was missing anything, and whether it suited my needs. That’s the way you want to walk into a partnership."

July, 2017
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Open for Service

"Working with you guys has been a seamless process. It’s so great to have you all working on features that will help us later, establishing a lasting partnership with our organization."

August, 2017
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Project Home Again

"It’s only mid-December and we have already raised more donations for the month than we did for all of last December. I want to say again how pleased I am with how this is going. The Give Lively/Stripe combo is perfect for us!"

December, 2017
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Cleveland Jobs with Justice

"What really captivated me was that [Give Lively] was started by philanthropists who really want to provide help on this. It’s not just some big corporation trying to make money. This is as far away as you can get [from that]. We shouldn’t have to pay money to raise money."

September, 2017
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2 Seconds or Less

"For the record, this is one of the coolest nonprofit tools I've stumbled upon, and I've been looking for about ten years! You all make everything so user-friendly, and since we were already using Stripe, it was an easy transition."

December, 2017
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Sarasota Police Foundation

"I have set up a couple donation pages in the past and this was by far the most seamless process. I was up and running in 20 minutes."

September, 2017
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Recovery Point West Virginia

"I was just so shocked to learn we could have access to this for free."

October, 2017
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Pack Your Back

"Thank you so much for providing our organization with the tools to raise so much money! YOU ROCK!"

November, 2017
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"Shoutout to Give Lively! They are the best donation platform EVER."

November, 2017
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Oxford Lafayette Humane Society

"Thank you for giving us the ability to raise over 300% of our goal!"

December, 2017

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