The purpose of Give Lively imagery is to bring the brand to life in tandem with the copy. It visually showcases Give Lively’s mission, values, business model, products, services and processes in all forms of communication.

Images should always align with Give Lively’s emphasis on access and inclusion across all media – website content, emails, videos, decks, social media and anywhere else the brand is present.

Imagery main principles:

  • Use simple, accessible shapes.
  • Evoke joy and a sense of purpose.
  • Tell a story with easy-to-understand concepts that complement the written content.


Give Lively utilizes images for blog posts, press releases, videos, web pages and beyond. Photographic content includes headshots of our team, visuals of our product and pictures from nonprofit organizations that embrace our technology. Please use the following guidance to keep photographic images in calibration with the Give Lively brand:

  • Use high-resolution images with clear compositions and focus.
  • When showcasing images from members, only do so with permission.
  • Use round shapes for headshots.
  • Only use stock images that align with the Give Lively brand.

Product mockups

Product mockups visually portray Give Lively's digital fundraising technology. They may also feature a specific nonprofit member's fundraising forms or pages in action.

Main guidelines:

  • Showcase the product’s function in a simple and practical way.
  • Simplify complicated details such as small text or intricate imagery.
  • Highlight the nonprofit’s mission when featuring a member’s use of a product.


  • Use white rectangles with subtle rounded corners as shown in the image above.
  • Add a subtle drop shadow in charcoal gray (see Color) with an opacity of ~10-15% and zero offset.
  • Add optional elements, such as teardrops or text bubbles, to complement the composition. Do not include more than two elements at the same time.
  • Additional elements should be in solid brand colors to match or contrast with the composition.
  • Insert optional overlapping mockups to convey wider product usability or details of a nonprofit’s story.
  • Some mockups may include a transparent border reduced to 40% opacity. They can include a large teardrop in the background. Drop shadow applied to a transparent object will need to have its opacity altered to compensate.


Give Lively’s unique and engaging illustrations make the brand memorable. They are used sparingly to complement the brand story, bring ideas to life and explain complicated concepts in clean, simple ways.


  • Add rounded edges
    Round angles to give compositions a softer more organic feel.
  • Represent human diversity
    Show diverse genders, races and abilities.
  • Tell a story
    Let visual analogies explain concepts.
  • White padding area
    Leave white space around compositions.
  • Colors and skin tones
    Rely on the brand color library in all cases except skin tone, with tonal colors for shadows.
  • Eyes are midnight gray ovals
    No pupils are defined.
  • No stroke, no pure white skin
    Do not use strokes and always use skin tones.
  • No gradients
    Apply flat colors from the brand color library, and shading with tonal colors to create depth.
  • Don't overuse dark colors
    Uplift illustrations with lighter colors and never use pure black.
  • No transparent layers
    Do not use blend modes or transparencies on shapes.
  • No drop shadows
    Do not use drop shadows or other effects.
  • No disproportionate bodies
    Avoid caricatures and stylized emphasis on character features.


Give Lively has designed icons to complement written content, support a clear information hierarchy and improve the user experience. The symbols inspire joy, one of Give Lively’s core brand values.

Solutions icon collection

The three Give Lively solutions icons represent the three product umbrellas called “solutions.” The three solution icon colors also apply to the colors of the product icons under each solution umbrella.


Product icon collection

Each product icon is paired with a specific Give Lively product. The colors correspond to the three product "solution" umbrellas.

Campaign Pages
Donation Widget
Event Ticketing
Live Display
Team Fundraising

Featured icon collection

These minimalist icons appear throughout the Give Lively website, emails, Support Center etc. 

As the brand evolves and new communications needs arise, more featured icons may be added. New and existing icons must always use one of four established Give Lively brand colors: Accessibility Green, Power Pink, Bold Orange and Purpose Green. Variation in tone is achieved by adjusting transparency to 20% of some elements of the icon.