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Donation Widgets

Collect contributions directly on your website with our simple-to-embed, customizable donation widgets. A seamless integration and one-tap mobile wallets translate the streamlined donation experience into more fundraising success.

Example of a Give Lively's donation widget embedded on a nonprofit's website.

What our members love

Two great options
Choose between the Simple Donation Widget and the Branded Donation Widget.
Streamlined giving
Deeply integrated with your own site, so donors stay on your page to donate.
Give Lively Donation Widget icon
Unlimited widgets
There's no limit to how many widgets you can create... and all for free.

Great for your fundraising needs

Works seamlessly on any site
Embed anywhere on your website with the simple widget's minimal design and branded widget's responsiveness.
First-class customization
Use imagery, videos and stories about your organization to strengthen the impact of your appeal.
Cross-functional look and feel
Rely on your widgets to automatically adopt the custom qualities of the associated Campaign Page.
Empowered supporters
Easily convert your donors into fundraisers through individual and team peer-to-peer capabilities.
Inherently social
Speak aloud, share on the web or social media, print on handouts or project it at events with  Live Display.

A fusion of form and function

  • No limit on the number of widgets
  • Two types of tailorable widgets with customizable brand assets that don't take over your site
  • Donor-first design that looks great on any device and is optimized to reduce friction and speed completions
  • Simple to embed on custom-built, Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress websites
  • Multiple payment options, including digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal
  • Real-time donation tracking
  • Ability to set default donation amounts including one open field
  • Enhanced donation impact storytelling with space for images
  • Seamless ways for supporters to create individual and team peer-based fundraising pages

Members gain full and free access to all of our digital fundraising products.


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