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Text-to-Donate with Smart Donations

Text-to-Donate is the quickest way to get your donors to make a donation in the moment and the only completely free text-based fundraising service on the market. Try it today.

Quick Setup

  • Sign up as a Give Lively member. Nonprofit membership is free and non-contractual. Already a member? Contact us to get setup in minutes.
  • Customize your Smart Donations page.
  • Create and share your text code with donors.
  • Raise more for your cause!

Great For:

01 icon galas
Galas, walk-a-thons, runs, concerts, gatherings, sporting events and other live fundraising events.
02 icon promotion
Promoting via social media, print, web, email, and direct mail, projecting on a screen at events, or using it however else your organization sees fit.
03 icon easy
Easy on-site fundraising anytime, anywhere a donor is inspired.


  • Maintains highest level of security
  • Allows donations of any size
  • Encourages monthly giving
  • Unlimited text codes and campaigns
  • Accepts Apple Pay, all major credit cards, and can easily link to donors' online banking
  • Disburses all funds donated to nonprofits within two business days
Because Text-to-Donate is built on top of Smart Donations, it includes all the features you've come to expect from our core platform.

See Text-to-Donate in Action

Text "WOMEN" to 1-844-544-7171 to see how United State of Women, a part of Civic Nation and one of our nonprofit members uses Text-to-Donate.

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