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Our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when donors are on the go. Donors text a custom code and give via a secure fundraising page.

Example of Give Lively Text-to-Donate nonprofit member "1% for the Planet"

What our members love

Give Lively's Text-to-Donate Icon
Easy mobile giving
Help your supporters give on the go, directly from their mobile devices.
Unlimited text campaigns
Create as many unique text codes as needed for all your campaigns, events and more.
Free short code
Use our five-digit short code, 44321 (only on U.S. phone carriers), at no cost to your nonprofit.

Great for your fundraising needs

Customize your page
Set up a fundraising page with text, images and videos for your Text-to-Donate campaign.
Create a code
Create your own text codes that are catchy and easy to remember, like “EQUALITY”, “GIVENOW” etc.
Share your code
Speak aloud, share on the web or social media, print on handouts or project it at events with Live Display.

A fusion of form and function

  • Optimized for on-the-spot giving by many simultaneous users
  • Unlimited creation of text codes
  • Custom text codes run as short as three characters and never expire
  • Donors receive link to contribute via a secure web page
  • Unlimited use of our five-digit short code, 44321
  • Multiple payment options including digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal
  • Text-to-Donate page design inherits the look and feel of associated campaign
  • Donation tracking thermometers on Campaign Page and Live Display exhibit donations in seconds

Members gain full and free access to all of our digital fundraising products.


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