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Simple, effective fundraising tech. Absolutely free.

Give Lively is dedicated to providing fundraising tech to nonprofits for free as part of our mission to help more dollars go to good causes.
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Who We Are

Give Lively was created by philanthropists who are inspired by the wide variety of nonprofits making a difference here and around the world. Our founders work extensively with nonprofits, and they have seen first-hand the positive impact effective technology can have on nonprofit fundraising, at least for organizations that can afford it.

In 2015, they formed Give Lively with a mission to level the playing field by offering a digital advantage to nonprofits, no matter their size or the visibility of their cause. Our operating costs are covered so that we can develop and deliver innovative tech our nonprofit members at no cost, helping them fulfill their mission while saving them time and money.

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Competitors + Fees

Our products are free to use for nonprofits. No setup fees, no monthly or annual fees, and no hidden transaction fees. Our payment processor, Stripe, takes a discounted fee when a donation is processed. Here's how we stack up to the competition:

Give Lively
Vendor Fees (Annually)

Vendor Up charge per Donation

2.2% + $0.30
CC Processing Fee
Network For Good
Vendor Fees (Annually)

Vendor Up charge per Donation

2.2% + $0.30
CC Processing Fee
Vendor Fees (Annually)

Vendor Up charge per Donation

2.2% + $0.30
CC Processing Fee
Vendor Fees (Annually)

Vendor Up charge per Donation

2.6% + $0.26
CC Processing Fee

Our Promise

We're confident our products will be simple and easy-to-use for donors and nonprofit staff alike. At their core, our products are built with safety and security in mind, and designed to be supportive of your organization's fundraising goals.

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We build tech with an emphasis on user experience, so whether you’re a donor who loves supporting a cause or a member of development staff, our products make giving enjoyable and accepting donations effortless.

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We use the highest level of encryption on every part of our products. We partner with Stripe, and industry-leading, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 certified processing company that processes payments securely for over one hundred thousand companies, including Target, Facebook, Yelp, and Shopify.

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We put nonprofits first. Whether you need help with existing tech, or are looking for something new, we're here for you. We'll get your input, run ideas and research by you, and walk you through iterations of our output. We'll also keep you in the loop on evolving tech trends that could help your nonprofit achieve goals in new ways.

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Give Lively creates simple, effective tech products for nonprofits at no cost. Hundreds of nonprofits have already benefited from a Give Lively membership. Learn more about how membership works.

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