We build better fundraising tech and give it away for free.

Give Lively's products drastically improve the online giving experience for donors and help nonprofits raise more for their cause.
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What Do We Mean By "Free"?

Much like a foundation, Give Lively was created for the sole purpose of giving away what we build. Our philanthropist founders cover the cost of running our business because they believe that every nonprofit should have access to the best fundraising tech, no matter their means. This frees us to serve nonprofits without having to consider profit. We don't charge nonprofits for use of our services.

This means no setup fees, no monthly or annual fees, no contracts and no hidden transaction fees. The only fees that come out of a donation are the standard transaction fees charged by Stripe, an industry-leading payment provider (and better yet: Stripe offers discounted fees for nonprofits who apply). We cover the rest, seriously.

Our Donation Platform

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Better Fundraising Technology

Smart Donations

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Smart Donations is a smart, simple, and secure donation platform. Smart Donations can live as a standalone page, be embedded directly onto your website, or be accessed in an instant via text. It offers nonprofit members unparalleled customization, and makes giving fast, easy, and transparent for donors.

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What To Expect From Our Products

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Quick To Setup

You can start fundraising on our platform in minutes. Just use our 2-step registration process to become a Give Lively Nonprofit Member and we'll generate a Smart Donations page for you immediately.

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Easy To Customize

Our Nonprofit Member Portal is a centralized place for you to update and customize your Smart Donations page. Add your logo, impact stories, custom donation amounts, mission statement and more.

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Designed For Donors

We believe that the experience for donors should be as joyful and easy as sharing a photo on Instagram or buying a cup of coffee with Apple Pay. That's why we built Smart Donations with the participation of donors, ensuring that they feel good doing good — and do so in just 1-click.

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Support When You Need It

Rest easy knowing you have a partner in us. The team that supports you works on-site at our headquarters in New York, including all of our developers and membership specialists. Reach out through these channels:

  • 24/7 via email
  • 9AM - 5PM EST weekdays via chat
  • Need more support coverage or want to talk about gaining access to our platform? Call our Membership Team weekdays 9AM - 5PM EST at 1-917-877-0533 or email membership@givelively.org.

Ready to Become A Member?

Gain free access to our fundraising platform and raise more money. Become a member now and join hundreds of nonprofits that have already benefited from being part of our member community.

Need Help?

For answers to our most common questions, visit our FAQ

For technical help or help with a donation, email support@givelively.org

For questions about nonprofit membership, call our Membership Team at 1-917-877-0533 from 9AM-5PM EST / weekdays or email membership@givelively.org.

Give Lively creates digital products for social good. Our products elevate online fundraising and cost nothing for nonprofits to use.

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