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We’re a tech company reimagining the future of digital fundraising for nonprofits – powerful, practical and free.


Nonprofits get to the heart of many matters

Our members make the world a better place. They address tough challenges and complex issues like gender and racial equality, reproductive health and LGBTQ+ rights, social and environmental justice, education, domestic violence, immigrant services and more.

But they also face internal challenges, especially related to fundraising technology. Many nonprofits struggle to adapt, even as the number of donors giving online increases at an exponential rate. Fundraising tech can be costly, and appealing to donors in a crowded digital world is easier said than done.

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We saw a way to give nonprofits a boost and took action.

We believe nonprofits shouldn’t sacrifice their means to satisfy their missions. That’s why Give Lively was created. We are a philanthropist-funded, social impact–driven tech company that collaborates directly with nonprofits to build better fundraising tech and give it away to them for free.

Our goal is to help nonprofits of all sizes take advantage of the digital fundraising movement by dramatically improving the giving experience for everyone – nonprofits and donors alike. Did we mention we give our technology to nonprofits for free? Seriously.

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We share the love - for free, forever.

We were founded by philanthropists in 2015 with the sole purpose of giving away what we build. Our founders cover the cost of running our business so that we never have to charge nonprofits for use of our fundraising platform.

Our overall aim is to reduce nonprofits’ reliance on for-profit tech. By providing services for free, we empower nonprofits to devote more funds to their missions and find comfortable seats on the digital fundraising bandwagon.

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We believe data must be private, secure and not for sale.

Generosity is a valuable quality. It should never be compromised. Which is why we take privacy, security and transparency very seriously. With both donors and nonprofits, we pursue proper steps to protect data and keep private and secure what should remain private and secure.

This includes our promise not to charge without permission or sell any data, all while keeping personal information safe, responding to urgent situations and holding true to our nonprofit-inspired values.

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We help nonprofits satisfy their missions without sacrificing their means.

$25 Million

(and counting!) saved by nonprofits members on fundraising tech expenses since 2017

Growing with nonprofits

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The faces behind our tech

We’re a dynamic group of engineers, creatives, strategists and advocates focused on helping nonprofits fundraise more online. We’re passionate about using tech for social good and providing a better fundraising experience to nonprofits and donors.


David DeParolesa
Chief Executive Officer
Brooke Currence
SVP Marketing and Business Development
Tim Lawrenz
SVP of Engineering
Kelsey Marshall
Director of Customer Support
Matt Connelly
Director of Product

Nonprofit Support

Roderick Sang
Senior Customer Support Specialist
Tai Stanford
Customer Support Specialist
Jamal Ferrell
Customer Support Specialist
Kirsten Bledsoe
Customer Support Specialist
Hillary Austin
Customer Support Specialist
Jada Moore
Technical Implementation Specialist

Marketing & Business Development

Mike Spadaro
Senior Partnership Manager
Sonia Leone
Creative Director
Ethan Gelber
Senior Content Manager
David Gagne
Graphic Designer
Clair Lofthouse
Technical Writer
Amy Truong
Relationship Manager


Olivia Gulin
Product Designer/UX
Jonathan Lin
Technical Solutions Architect
Emily Kehlenbeck
Product Designer
Ciana Ferden
Product Manager


Alexandra Lunga-Ceban
QA Engineer
Dave Urban
Senior Engineer
Kate Voss
Software Engineer II
Sam Auciello
Senior Software Engineer
Chris Franklin
Senior QA Engineer
Ryan Veytsman
Data Analyst


Mary Henneberry
Financial Ops Specialist


Jennifer Allan
Co-Founder & Funder
Jonathan Soros
Co-Founder & Funder

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