What is GivingTuesday?

Giving Tuesday is the biggest nonprofit fundraising day of the year and Give lively is here to provide helpful resources to support your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

It’s just one way we like to give back every year, inspired by the inventiveness of nonprofits and the generosity of donors participating in this global day of giving. The next GivingTuesday is December 3, 2024.

GivingTuesday and Give Lively over the years

Explore our previous GivingTuesday results by year

Use the links below to look at GivingTuesday results of fundraising through the Give Lively platform for the past few years, plus our insights.

Our ultimate GivingTuesday Toolkit

Not sure where to start in preparation for GivingTuesday? Our GivingTuesday Toolkit walks you through an easy step-by-step process for using Give Lively technology.

Editable Canva templates for GivingTuesday

We created customizable designs for you to use on fundraising pages and social media posts. They’ll inspire you, give you a hand, make it SUPER easy for you to spread the word and look good doing it!

The templates are in Canva, the free, easy-to-use and very popular online design program. New to Canva? It’s simple to create a free account and get started. Need help editing in Canva?

Templates for Campaign Page main image

Templates for social media

Give Lively is neither affiliated with Canva nor promoting its services. To resolve any issues with Canva, please contact the Canva customer support team.


Answers to common GivingTuesday donor questions

Is your donor having trouble making a donation?
Did a donor give through the wrong page?
Does your donor want to change some donation details?
Does your donor want to cancel a recurring donation?
Does your donor want a refund?
Did your donor not receive a receipt?
Do your donors have an easy way to contact you?

Additional GivingTuesday resources

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