Transaction Fees & Donation Disbursement

A summary of the critical, helpful details about how long it takes for donations to journey through the Give Lively platform and what costs are involved (hint: we don't charge anything, but third-party processors do).


The donation journey managed by Give Lively is designed to be speedy, secure and as friction-free as possible for donors and nonprofits alike.


We don't charge for the unlimited use of our powerful and practical technology – no annual fees, no setup fees, no other fees or hidden fees. 

However, we use independent services, called payment processors, to securely manage the financial transaction process, from donation to disbursement, by mediating between merchants and financial institutions. 

These services – Stripe and PayPal – do charge small fees for every transaction (see charts below), although the fees can sometimes be covered by the donor. Fees are always subject to change at any time by the independent services. Always verify directly with the services themselves for the latest updates.

Learn more about third-party processing fees and about the data privacy and security practices put in place by us and these independent services.

Stripe fees as of September 2020

The Stripe fees shown above are based on the Stripe nonprofit discount, for which nonprofits must apply. Stripe fees may be covered by the donor, except when donations are made via a digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay).

PayPal fees as of September 2020

** The fixed portion of the fee on international PayPal donations is based on the currency used. See PayPal's fixed fees for sending in other currencies.

Give Lively nonprofit members can only add PayPal as an optional additional payment method. It can't be the sole payment method, since it can only be used for one-time donations. PayPal will also only process donations when the donors' selected payment method is PayPal. All other payment methods (credit/debit, ACH etc.) are handled by Stripe. At the present time, PayPal’s transaction fees can’t be covered by the donor.


Give Lively facilitates hundreds of thousands of donations to nonprofits every year through our free fundraising platform. Despite the volume, we believe all money donated to nonprofits should get to those nonprofits as quickly as possible. The speed of disbursement is in part a function of the form of payment and whether the nonprofit is a Give Lively member.

* Transfers for non-members take longer and involve mailing paper checks. Stripe deposits donations directly to the Give Lively Foundation on a rolling two-day basis for credit cards and rolling seven-day basis for bank transfers. Then, within 30 days after the close of the month when the Give Lively Foundation receives the donation, a paper check is issued and mailed to the organization.

** Funds received through PayPal are deposited almost instantly to a nonprofit's PayPal account. Transfers to the nonprofit's bank account must be triggered by nonprofit and can happen two ways: 'Instant Transfer' to an eligible bank typically occurs in minutes, but varies by bank. Fees, limits and other holds may apply. 'Standard Transfer' is 1-3 business days at no additional cost.

Important Stripe disbursement notes:

Funds processed through Stripe are deposited directly to a nonprofit's designated account. Give Lively member nonprofits must have a fully authorized Stripe account connected with Give Lively.

Stripe integration means nonprofits gain immediate access to donation data and the ability to export donor data from Stripe.

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