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Team Fundraising

Let your supporters find strength in numbers and make fundraising more fun as part of a team. This is a platform for groups of people with shared values who wish to make collective appeals to the generosity of friends and family.

Example of a Team Fundraising page showcasing team logo, team name, fundraising thermometer, rank of top fundraisers, and a prominent video.

What our members love

Easy sign-up
Streamlined process lets your fundraisers quickly create and join teams.
Managed by fundraisers
Team pages can be created and controlled entirely by fundraisers.
Give Lively Team Fundraising icon
Unlimited teams
There's no limit to the number of teams or team members... and all for free.

Great for your fundraising needs

Engage supporters
Easily convert your donors into fundraisers. Send them a direct link to create or join a team, or point them to the "I Want to Fundraise for This" button on your Campaign Page.
Reach new donors
Empower your fundraisers with tips, templates and ideas for spreading the word, helping them to reach out to their family, friends and colleagues.
Raise more with less effort
Let donors and their networks work on your behalf, netting your nonprofit the rewards of increased awareness of your mission and a broader donor base.
One-click activation
Easily add Team Fundraising to any Campaign Page or Donation Widget.
Embedded video
Fundraisers can include your livestreamed or recorded broadcasts through services like YouTube, Vimeo and Zoom.

A fusion of form and function

  • Unlimited number of teams, each with a special team page
  • Unlimited team members on any team, each with an individual fundraising page
  • Ability for team leader to customize team page, include messages to supporters
  • Ability for team leader to communicate privately with all team members
  • Ranked leaderboard for friendly competition across and within teams supporting the same campaign
  • All money raised by teams automatically rolls up to campaign totals
  • Integrated buttons for easy social media and email sharing
  • Ability for team leaders and team members to set team and individual goals, respectively
  • Easily exportable fundraising data
  • Donation tracking thermometers on Campaign Page and Live Display exhibit donations in seconds

Members gain full and free access to all of our digital fundraising products.


$90 million saved

by member nonprofits on fundraising tech expenses since 2017


What members are saying

Give Lively has transformed the work of our volunteer-led community organizations in areas where there are digital deserts and low tech use. Without their free and powerful online donation tools and individualized support, our volunteer leaders would simply not offer the option to donate online.

Despina Costopoulos

Former Director of Community Engagement at Dollars for Scholars

I love how user-friendly Give Lively is and how it integrates with other platforms we use, like Salesforce.

I really appreciate the options to beta test features and how responsive the Give Lively team is to questions I've asked.

Lauren Clifton-Thompson

Philanthropy & Communications Manager at Amethyst Place

Give Lively has all the tools needed to make our fundraising efforts succeed... and the team is the best.

Give Lively is definitely the best platform out there.

Karina Damiani

Senior Director at The OUT Foundation


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