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Digital Fundraising

Applied together or separately, and in coordination with other Give Lively fundraising solutions, our three smart, mobile-ready Digital Fundraising products employ imagery, videos and impact stories to strengthen a nonprofit’s digital appeal.

An example nonprofit campaign page of "Girls Org Giving Tuesday Fundraiser" featuring an embedded video playing a live streaming of two girls presenting in a professional setup, donation amounts and the option to give monthly or one time.

Our Digital Fundraising Products

Give Lively example campaign page from nonprofit member "Brown Hope" Campaign name is Black Resilience Fund. The page displays a video, a fundraising thermometer of 2 million dollars, donation amounts, and a prominent green button to donate.
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Campaign Pages

Launch fundraising campaigns in minutes with beautiful, customizable and responsive donation pages that are as easy and satisfying for nonprofits to build as they are for donors to use.

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Donation Widgets

Our simple-to-embed, customizable donation widgets make it easy to collect donations directly on your own website. Seamless integration translates the streamlined donation experience into more fundraising success.

Give Lively example of a nonprofit member "Malala Fund" showcasing our simple donation widget on their website
Give Lively Text-to-Donate example from our nonprofit member "1% for the Planet"
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Our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when donors are on the go. Donors text a custom code (only valid on U.S. phone carriers) and give via a secure fundraising page.

  • Custom text codes that never expire
  • Free and unlimited short code use
  • Easy promotability

Our members like what they see

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what they have to say.

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I sing the praises of the Give Lively team every chance I get. Unbelievable the quality of service and partnership you provide. I spoke with one person and they thought it was too good to be true when researching Give Lively, but I assured them it's even better than they think it will be.



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We really appreciate the work Give Lively is doing. I never would have imagined that there is a company out there offering such industry leading solutions for free! God bless you and your organization Give Lively!



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We love Give Lively because it’s free. The best way to empower nonprofits is to give them affordable tools to help them leverage their story. Give Lively’s tools are polished, modern, and easy to use. Setup was a breeze and we were impressed by the on-boarding experience.


Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden


$90 million saved

by member nonprofits on fundraising tech expenses since 2017


Five stars are not enough to describe Give Lively. They are the personification of the expression "go the extra mile". Without Give Lively, Famazonia would not be what it is today. We will be forever grateful.

Joabe Cardoso

Secretary General at Famazonia Foundation

We heard about Give Lively from a number of other nonprofits recommending it. We explored all of our options and Give Lively was by far
the best.

Hannah Orenstein

Associate Director at Malala Fund

We heard about Give Lively from a number of other nonprofits recommending it. We explored all of our options and Give Lively was by far
the best.

Karina Damiani

Senior Director at The OUT Foundation


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