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Connecting emotionally with donors

A strong appeal that covers all the basics can make a big difference, including “impact stories” about how each donation amount matters.

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  • Trains rescue dogs as medical alert assistance dogs
  • Member since April 2022
  • 440+ donors as of March 2024
  • $49,000+ raised with Give Lively as of March 2024

Products they use:

The product-page images shared here are for reference and inspiration only and may not reflect current designs. Interfaces may change as donor experience improvements are made and accessibility is boosted. Some nonprofits may also make custom changes beyond our control.

As a leading authority in medical alert assistance dogs, Medical Mutts is dedicated to training rescue dogs as service dogs and promoting collaboration between dogs and people through science, education and ethical training.

Medical Mutts’ GivingTuesday 2022 Campaign Page is an excellent example of how to make an emotional connection with donors. It tells the story of Caleb, whose experience as an adopted child left him with severe abandonment trauma, and Darcy, the rescue dog trained by Medical Mutts to assist Caleb with consistent companionship, especially during panic attacks and night terrors. It is impactful, emotionally charged and surely motivating to potential donors. Importantly, it explains why each donation matters. 

Medical Mutts surpassed the initial $1,000 goal on GivingTuesday 2022, but has kept going. At the time of writing, it has accumulated over $4,400 in donations. Medical Mutts continued its success with a Give Lively-powered 10th anniversary Campaign Page that surpassed a $10,000 goal. 

Show how donations are allocated through tiered impact stories

Through “impact stories,” the GivingTuesday Campaign Page makes clear the many treats, hours of training, vet care and food required for Darcy to open the world to Caleb. 

Impact stories on a Campaign Page creatively showcase the strength of a nonprofit’s work by describing the impact of different-sized donations. 

For example, if an organization works to serve the hungry, a $25 donation "Feeds four children for a week." For an organization that protects wildlife, the story might be that a $75 donation "Preserves 15 acres of forest land." 

Medical Mutts’ practical and verifiable examples explain where donated money goes and why it’s powerful. When supporters are passionate about a cause and are clear about the impact of each donated dollar, they feel more compelled to give. 

Visit live page here
Visit live page here

Branded Donation Widget used as a website's donation page

Medical Mutts also uses two Give Lively-powered fundraising tools to collect donations on its website. The “Donate” button in the navigation bar leads to a Campaign Page, and the website’s donation page features a Branded Donation Widget, allowing donors to contribute without leaving the website. The large image on the widget draws people in and a broad range of preset donation amounts, as well as a custom option, leaves room for generosity at all levels. Also present are the standard ability to give in honor/memory of someone, social sharing tools and brand-specific design elements like a logo and description.

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