Solidarity with Asian Americans

At a time of rising anti-Asian rhetoric and attacks, we at Give Lively stand in solidarity with the Asian American community and those who support it.

On February 27, 2021, New Yorkers gathered at the "Rise Up Against Anti-Asian Hate” rally to protest violence against Asian Americans. All across the United States, but particularly in large cities like Oakland and New York with sizable Asian communities, there’s been a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes. Triggered in part by false and racist political invective that exploits the emergence of the COVID-19 virus in China, the xenophobic rhetoric and attacks cut across all Asian populations and all socio-economic levels.

It is all completely unacceptable.

We at Give Lively stand in solidarity with the Asian American community and those who support it. Asian Americans should never have to modify their behavior out of fear of attack. Asian Americans should never have to question whether their allies will come to their aid during an attack or in its traumatic aftermath. Asian Americans should never feel like they have no safe places, already called into doubt by the increase in attacks in Chinatowns and other Asian-majority neighborhoods, many of which have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.

And we — all of us — should never feel like our laws and our leaders are reluctant to brand racially motivated violence as what it is: a hate crime.

If you believe, as we do, that we must continue to stand together and push back against resurgent and deadly racism, and that our collective strength is the anchor to building a safe, just and dynamic society that truly embraces diversity, equity and inclusion, please support nonprofit organizations that work with Asian American communities, including the following, all of them Give Lively members.

In solidarity,
The Give Lively Team


Asian Americans for Equality, Inc. (NYC)

Asian American Arts Alliance (NYC)

Chinatown Health Clinic Foundation (NYC)


Korean Culture Center of New York (NYC)

Asian American Law Fund of New York Inc (NYC)

Immigrant Social Services (NYC)

Tenement Museum (in coordination with THINK!CHINATOWN) (NYC)

Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia)

Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania's Judge William M. Marutani Fellowship (Pennsylvania)

Chinese Hospital Association (San Francisco)

Southeast Asian Development Center (San Francisco) 

Asian Youth Center (Los Angeles)

Pacific & Asian Affairs Council (Hawai’i)