A picture tells a thousand-mission story

See the word cloud generated from the mission statements of our member nonprofits.
October 2, 2023
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

This word cloud shows the words used in the mission statements of our member nonprofits. It was generated and shared in late August by our in-house data analyst.

It’s an instructive and inspirational visual reminder of the common values shared by our member nonprofits… and with us. 

Here is a list of the top 10 words according to the number of mission statements in which they appear (out of more than 14,000 in total):

  • Community: 5514
  • Mission: 4433
  • Life: 2879
  • Education: 2852
  • Provide: 2692
  • Support: 2670
  • Program: 2395
  • Family: 2379
  • Service: 2221
  • Child: 2169

The words tell a powerful story: Over 5,500 nonprofits are committed to programs that foster and help community. Others provide services, many of them educational, in support of children, families and improved quality of life for the people with whom the organizations interact.

This aligns with our public-facing values, which ensure that our member nonprofits use our products, solutions and platform to make the world a better place by elevating marginalized voices, striving to meet the needs of the underserved, imagining a safer future for their communities and advocating for equality.

"Understanding that our platform is helping these nonprofits make their dollars go further is really cool,” commented Ryan Veytsman, the Give Lively data analyst who shared the word cloud. "It is also neat to see this part of the nonprofit community summed up in an image. We don't really get to see all the many different ways that small and large nonprofits are making an impact, but it is amazing to see the totality of their goals and understand that they are trying to make a change."