Point of Pride continues to bring hope and support to transgender community

For the third year in a row, Point of Pride has raised significant funds through Give Lively in support of transgender health.
May 13, 2024
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

Point of Pride’s 2024 TikTok-a-thon for Trans Health has collected donations totaling more than $2 million. This is the nonprofit's third annual demonstration of the power of its cause: to benefit transgender people in need through gender-affirming support programs that empower them to live more authentically. Give Lively is proud to have collaborated on these fundraising initiatives – Point of Pride used Give Lively–powered Campaign Pages and Text -to-Donate – amounting to more than $4.4 million across three years.

A grassroots triumph

Similar to the 2023 event, this year’s TikTok-a-thon brought in over $2 million, primarily in small amounts – in 2023 there were 58,000+ donors, in 2024 more than 44,000 donors. This amazing accomplishment comes at a time of transgender healthcare denials, anti-trans legislation and rising transphobic vitriol and intimidation. 

It was also in the face of repeated anti-trans brigading that saw 12 different bans on TikTok accounts participating in the fundraiser. That all 12 bans were swiftly reversed by TikTok is testament to the passion and perseverance of a community accustomed to challenges.

"Raising $2 million for transgender and nonbinary individuals worldwide will have a profound impact on some of the most marginalized members of our community,” commented Aydian Dowling, cofounder of Point of Pride. “At a time when attacks on the transgender and broader LGBTQ+ community persist both in the USA and globally, the significance of this support cannot be overstated. Our donors, who made this fundraiser possible, are not only offering hope to the community but also providing life-saving access to essential resources and services."

No holding back

This year’s TikTok-a-thon, once again in partnership with Mercury Stardust and Jory aka Alluring Skull, two transgender TikTok influencers (learn more about them here), kicked off on the afternoon of Friday, March 29, and included a livestream from 2pm–12am CT on that weekend's Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Notably, Sunday was Trans Day of Visibility and Easter.

As in previous years, Point of Pride will use the money raised to fund medical care and wellness resources such as gender-affirming surgeries, hormone therapy, electrolysis and garments for trans people.

An alignment of values

The meaningful partnership between Give Lively and Point of Pride is a practical manifestation of our two organizations’ natural alignment. Point of Pride’s mission and focus are clear, cause-driven commitments perfectly in alignment with Give Lively’s progressive values, especially our belief in organizations that promote and uphold the rights and existence of everyone regardless of their sex, gender, gender expression or sexual orientation, including transgender and gender nonconforming people.

“Partnering with and supporting Point of Pride during their livestream fundraiser was an incredible opportunity for us to do what we love most – go the extra mile, in real time and in collaboration with our members, for causes we care about deeply,” said Kelsey Marshall, VP of Customer Experience at Give Lively. “Our counterparts at Point of Pride also shared with us the unique needs of their fundraiser, so we could provide insights and channels of support to make sure they found success. It is always an honor to work with them and see them raise millions for such an important cause!"

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