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Directing donors to a Campaign Page via a social media influencer livestream

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  • Empowering trans folks to live more authentically.
  • January 2019
  • 55,000+ donors as of June 2023
  • $2.5+ million as of June 2023

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Point of Pride's mission is to help transgender youth and adults access necessary, life-saving healthcare and wellness services.

In 2022 and 2023, through Point of Pride, we witnessed firsthand the fundraising power of a partnership between a nonprofit and like-minded social media influencers. It demonstrated how influencers open doors to people who already share a nonprofit’s values and goals, and then motivate these ideal candidates to make donations to a nonprofit. 

The 2023 co-hosts of Point of Pride’s social media fundraiser were Mercury Stardust, aka The Trans Handy Ma’am, who typically shares her 16 years of experience as a maintenance technician with her 2.4 million TikTok and Instagram followers, and Jory, aka AlluringSkull, a Black trans woman, content creator, advocate and artist with 2.3 million followers. Together, they used our free Give Lively-powered Campaign Page and Text-to-Donate products during a 30-hour livestreamed fundraiser that saw over $2.2 million in donations, more than double the original campaign goal. 

The previous year, Point of Pride collaborated with Mercury Stardust on a social media-driven event that raised $119,276 in 24 hours through a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page, smashing the initial goal of $24,000. 

The remarkable increase in donations between 2022 and 2023 can potentially be attributed to many factors, but it is impossible to overlook the recent trans healthcare denials and rising transphobic vitriol, intimidation and outright violence of the months between the two fundraisers. It may have spurred allies of the trans community to take action.

“We’re going to do it every year that we can,” Mercury said on the livestream. “We want to say thank you to Point of Pride and everyone who was involved. Thank you so much, we did so good.”

Two years down and more to come!

Campaign Page (Default Template) updated as goal grows

The 2023 TikTok-a-Thon was anchored in a Give Lively-powered Campaign Page using the Default Template. This ensured a look and feel that blended Point of Pride branding with that of the livestream co-hosts. Links in the TikTok and Instagram bios of the co-hosts, who had a combined following of over 4.6 million accounts, directed donors to this Campaign Page.

On the Campaign Page, a prominent graphic featuring the co-hosts and the livestream information dominates the top of the page. Alongside are preset donation amounts, the ability to give in honor of someone, a progress tracking thermometer, easy social sharing tools, a list of supporting donors and brand-specific design elements like a logo and campaign description. 

Notably, as the initial campaign goal of $1 million was reached, the organizers updated the Campaign Page description and progress tracking thermometer with a new goal, keeping donors in the loop as new thresholds were set and met. In the end, the event brought in over $2.2 million through 58,534 donations!

Visit live page here

Text-to-Donate code promoted during the 2023 livestream

The second way that donors reached the Campaign Page was by using Text-to-Donate. Throughout the livestream, the co-hosts requested that donors text “STARDUST” to 44321, Give Lively’s dedicated shortcode, netting just over $747,000.

A history of collaboration with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

In 2022, the first time Mercury Stardust raised money for Point of Pride, she used a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page. The 2022 TikTok-A-Thon for Plume w/ Mercury Stardust brought in over $119,000 through 3,000+ donations in 24 hours, smashing the initial goal of $24,000. 

Visit live page here

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