We reject armed violence and hate speech

We stand against the violent actions and speech that have dominated headlines of late. We weep for the victims, as well as those who loved them and survive them, hearts broken but beating.
October 11, 2023
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

Armed violence, especially on a massive scale, is dominating the headlines. It has for a long time. For too long. 

In recent days, the Israel-Hamas conflict has laid bare the appalling effect of weapons lifted in hatred by neighbor against neighbor, the costs felt most by civilian bystanders in Israel and Palestine. For months, the war in Ukraine has made clear that missiles and tanks never qualify as constructive engagement. For years in America (and around the world), embittered and often unstable individuals have spewed their prejudice and bigotry through the muzzle of guns.

It is hard to stay focused on the pursuit of a better world. Many of us who are not on the front lines no longer feel safe, if ever we did — in our schools, at work, commuting, shopping, partying… just being. Sometimes the positive impact we’re part of can feel too small in the face of overwhelming destructive forces. For generations, humanity has suffered the consequences of ignoring the past.

It really can feel like every one step forward is followed by 10 steps back.

But then, we at Give Lively are once again reminded of the potent and determined nonprofit community that often guides that one step forward and stands firm as a civic backstop against loss of moral ground. A backstop that never accepts retreat.

And we stand, equally indefatigable and purposeful, alongside and in support of these nonprofits. We do so under the proud banner of our progressive values, which include our commitment never to allow our technology to be used to:

advocate for the sale, ownership and/or civilian use of assault weapons, weapons of war, high capacity magazines, automatic weapons or any mechanism that can convert a firearm into an automatic weapon; or
disseminate hate speech or dangerous speech, promote or incite violence online or offline.

We are deeply saddened by the poisonous stew of violent actions and speech that has fed the Middle East, Ukraine, the USA and so many other corners of our world, taking lives and stoking further acts of aggression. We weep for the victims, as well as those who loved them and survive them, hearts broken but beating. 

We will not tire of working with our nonprofit community that believes in and searches for a way to mend those hearts, build bridges and set aside both tools and words of destruction.