How does Give Lively protect donor data?

In keeping with our commitment to data privacy and security, Give Lively takes full measures to protect all collected data, both where it is stored and when it is transferred between authorized parties. Donor data can also always be deleted upon request.

More specifically, Give Lively and its member nonprofits can never view a donor’s full payment details as they are handled exclusively by a secure third-party payment processor -- they are captured and stored securely by them without passing through our servers -- although some credit/debit card metadata and general payment information is accessible by Give Lively. Upon request, we can work with the payment processor to delete all data. 

Give Lively does capture and securely store some non-payment data about donors, for instance a donor’s first and last names, email address and donation date, among other data points. See our Resource Hub (for members, but open to all) for a complete list of what donor data Give Lively collects.

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