How often does Live Display update?

Live Display is designed to track and present contributions in nearly real time, especially at fundraising events. It can be made ready in minutes -- setup is as simple as plugging in a laptop with an internet connection -- and then updates every 2-3 seconds.

Made highly visible with a projector screen at in-person events, Live Display showcases your Text-to-Donate short code (44321) and unique campaign-specific text code to help drive a little friendly competition between donors. 

During virtual events, use screen-sharing functionality to show Live Display or have it positioned near the presenter during a livestream.

In all cases, updated totals include manually added offline donations and nonprofits have the option to show a progress meter and/or donor roll of recent contributions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At present, Live Display is in open beta. Open beta signifies that a product or feature is stable and has passed enough internal testing for you to use. That said, there may be unanticipated hiccups related to the real-time nature of Live Display. Give Lively offers this product as is, without warranty, as per our Terms of Use. Your use of Live Display is an acknowledgement of these terms.

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