Give Lively’s Forever Free Pledge

Give Lively was created to build better online fundraising technology and give it away to nonprofits for free.

We’re able to do this because we’re fully funded by the generosity of our philanthropist founders. They cover the cost of operating our services so that we don’t have to charge you, the nonprofit, for use of our services.

We’ve heard your concern about the word “free”. We know you’ve been reeled in by “free” service offers, only to be a victim of a bait and switch: so-called “free” service providers suddenly surprise you with fees that were never disclosed: hidden fees, platform fees, and access fees you never expected.

We pledge to be different.*

We pledge to provide the services listed on this page (“Forever Free Services”) to our Nonprofit Members without any charge from us — forever — no catch **. We will never charge any annual fees, setup fees, hidden fees or platform fees for our Forever Free Services. We pledge to offer each of our Forever Free Services for so long as we run each service. Of course, all of our services are subject to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Master Service Agreement, so please read them.

And an important note on fees that are out of our control that you may be charged for using the Forever Free Services: Although Give Lively will never charge for use of Forever Free Services, third-party payment processors like Stripe and PayPal and third-party CRM platform providers like Salesforce, may charge their own fees in connection with your use of the Forever Free Services. These fees are not part of Give Lively’s pledge.

We hope you benefit greatly from this offering. You can sign up or contact our Membership Team at 1-917-877-0533 from 9AM-5PM EST / weekdays. Additionally, you can chat with us or email to reach us anytime.

Give Lively’s Forever Free Services Currently Include:
  • Core Hosted Fundraising Page
  • Campaign Pages
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages
  • Text-to-Donate Functionality
  • Live Display
  • Embeddable Fundraising Widgets
  • Event Ticketing Functionality
  • Small Token
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Nonprofit Admin Portal

* Seriously.
** Stop trying to find a catch. There’s no catch!

Need Help?

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For questions about nonprofit membership, call our Membership Team at 1-917-877-0533 from 9AM-5PM EST / weekdays or email

Give Lively builds better fundraising tech and gives it away to nonprofits for free.

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