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Livestreaming a fundraising event using a Campaign Page

The OUT Foundation met a campaign goal using a multimedia Campaign Page (Story Template) — with the video prominently embedded at the top of the page — to promote, host and fundraise through a livestreamed event.

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  • Empowers and celebrates LGBTQ+ bodies and minds
  • Member since November 2017
  • 12,500+ donors as of December 2022
  • $715,000+ raised with Give Lively as of December 2022

Products they use:

The product-page images shared here are for reference and inspiration only and may not reflect current designs. Interfaces may change as donor experience improvements are made and accessibility is boosted. Some nonprofits may also make custom changes beyond our control.

By removing barriers that block LGBTQ+ individuals’ access to and participation in health, wellness and fitness, The OUT Foundation is dedicated to nurturing, empowering and celebrating LGBTQ+ bodies and minds to guarantee that the community thrives.

The OUT Foundation’s online fundraising efforts leveraged the power and practicality of several of our free Give Lively products.

Campaign Page (Story Template) with a livestreamed video

The OUT Foundation used a Campaign Page’s Story Template to promote and co-host a free, livestreamed event. A video dominates the prominent top position, framed by preset donation amounts, the ability to give in honor of someone, a progress tracking thermometer, easy social sharing tools, a list of supporting fundraisers and brand-specific design elements like a logo and description. 

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Text-to-Donate code promoted during the livestream

Easy-to-create individual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page

The built-in “I Want To Fundraise For This” button on Campaign Pages streamlines how individuals and teams can set up supporting fundraising pages in minutes.

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Team Fundraising page used to very good effect

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Leaderboard inspiring friendly competition between fundraisers and teams

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