Is this article for you? It covers services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.
Is this article for you? It covers Salesforce integration services only available to Give Lively member nonprofits.

Set up Text-to-Donate

Text-to-Donate powers easy mobile giving through text codes. Learn how to set up a custom text code and start receiving donations via SMS (only on U.S phone carriers).

Before you get started

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Before you get started

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Before you get started

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Before You Get Started

Use Text-to-Donate as part of a Digital Fundraising campaign. Be sure to create a Campaign Page first.

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Text-to-Donate is our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when your donors are on the go. All they do is text/SMS your special text code to our dedicated (not shared) short code -- 44321 (valid with U.S. phone numbers on U.S. carrier networks) -- and they instantly and automatically receive a link to your secure, mobile-friendly Campaign Page. From here, they're just a few easy steps from giving.

Text-to-Donate is not the same as "Text to Give”. The latter is when someone sends a text message with a donation amount, rather than a text code, to a special short code. The donation amount is then automatically charged against a card on file with an involved organization. We power Text-to-Donate, not Text-to-Give.

What to know about text codes and short codes

Text-to-Donate requires the use of two special codes: a memorable "text code" and particular telephone number, called a “short code.”

Text Codes
The text code is unique to the nonprofit that creates it and to the campaign it supports. For example, the Malala Fund uses the “MALALA” text code to direct donations through its Core Profile. A text code must be clearly communicated to donors to ensure that the correct campaign link is provided in reply. Sharing the wrong text code could misdirect donations to a different campaign if that text code exists and is associated with another campaign.

Telephone Codes (Short and Long)
The telephone number, however, is shared by all Give Lively member nonprofits that use Text-to-Donate through Give Lively. The "short codes" telephone number is 44321 and can only be used with U.S. phone numbers on U.S. carrier networks. There is an equivalent “long code” (10-digit telephone number), which may sometimes be used for donations through non-U.S. phone carriers and from other countries. Read more about short and long codes below.

Text-to-Donate set-up instructions

Give Lively nonprofit members can set up Text-to-Donate functionality in minutes:

1. Sign in to the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

2. Click the "Text-to-Donate" link in the left-hand navigation bar.

3. Create a text code that donors can easily enter on their phone.

  • Text codes can be letters, numbers, or any combination of the two.  
  • They must be three (3) characters or more, and, unlike passwords, they are not case sensitive.
  • Good examples are "HELPKIDS", "5K2017", and "PAJAMAWALK".
  • You can create as many codes as you want and they don't expire.
  • Codes are unique across our platform. We will let you know if your code has already been taken by another organization.

4. Click "Campaign Pages" in the left-hand navigation bar, select the Campaign Page to which you would like to link to your text code and click "Manage" next to the campaign. Be sure to look within the “Active” tab of current Campaign Pages. If needed, use the search tool to pull up results only within that tab. Search results will include the desired term, whether it is all or part of a word or phrase in the campaign name or slug.

5. Scroll down to the "Text Codes" section, click "Link A Text-to-Donate Code" and then select the text code you'd like to use.

Whenever you create new text codes, they will appear in this menu of text codes. You can change a page's text code (or add a new text code to a page) at any time.


  • Review our ultimate guide of Text-to-Donate best practices, including multiple examples of how to display your special text code.
  • Text-to-Donate is designed to work in tandem with our Live Display, which tracks and exhibits donations mere seconds (usually between 3 and 5) after being completed. Learn how to set up Live Display.
  • Nonprofits do not pay a fee to send Text-to-Donate messages, as Give Lively covers the costs for you.
  • Donors who receive text messages will be subject to their typical text/SMS rates according to their phone plan.
  • The Text-to-Donate text code for a deleted campaign is automatically reassigned to a nonprofit’s Core Profile. This is the case if a nonprofit does not re-associate the text code with a new campaign before deleting the old one. Any text code automatically assigned to the Core Profile can be reassigned to another campaign.

Additional note about short codes, long codes and international giving

We work with Twilio, a cloud communication platform, to power our Text-to-Donate technology. Twilio allows donors to text our short code (or long code) with a nonprofit-specific text code and receive a link to that nonprofit’s campaign.

Our U.S. short code can only be used with U.S. phone numbers on U.S. carrier networks that have approved that short code. Note that if a donor on a supported U.S. carrier is out of the country or located in a U.S. territory like Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, Twilio advises that text messages may be delivered, but delivery is not guaranteed.

Text-to-Donate may also be possible through non-U.S. phones in some countries, but the short code can’t be used. Instead, donors must use a "long code,” which is a full 10-digit U.S. telephone number: 917-999-0700. (When texting from outside the U.S., this number must be preceded by +1.)

Importantly, international texting may not be possible from all countries and across all carrier networks, but neither Twilio nor Give Lively has any control over this. SMS regulations vary widely from country to country and Twilio is working to expand its service.

Therefore, Text-to-Donate for international contributions may be available through the long code, but any nonprofit planning to use it:

  • is advised to confirm that it works by trialing it first through contacts in countries from which donations are expected to be received;
  • should include the web address of the associated Campaign Page in all Text-to-Donate international outreach so that donations can still be captured if the country or carrier doesn’t allow it;
  • should let donors know that elevated charges for international texting may apply, whether or not the texts are delivered.

A note about payment forms

Give Lively has two generations of payment forms in use. Your choice of features will dictate which form appears. At present, Text-to-Donate is supported by both generations of payment forms for text codes associated with your Core Profile fundraising page and Campaign Pages. Use of this product, alongside others featured on this list, may trigger the second-generation payment form. Any combination of features beyond those detailed on the list will continue to see use of the first-generation form.

IMPORTANT: Both generations of payment forms guide donors through very similar giving experiences and there is no reason a nonprofit should favor one payment form over the other. Over the next few months, the new payment form will become the standard for all Give Lively donation pages. Learn more here.


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