Today’s the (GivingTues)day!

It’s officially GivingTuesday 2023! 
November 28, 2023
Clair Lofthouse
Technical Writer

It’s officially GivingTuesday 2023! 

The way you support your community is vital every day, not just GivingTuesday. However, as one of the busiest fundraising days of the year, today can be crucial to how you do what you do the other 364 days of the year. 

You might be feeling a bit of pressure. If so, stop for a minute, take a deep breath and remember what motivates you. 

No one is better than you at managing today’s challenges. 

How do we know that? It’s the bread and butter of everyone in the nonprofit space. Your work is high stakes, and those stakes are what drives you. 

Helpfully, you are surrounded by support:

  • YOUR TEAM: Your staff, volunteers and donors are rallying together in commitment to the community.
  • OUR SUPPORT TEAM: Our live support team is ready via chat or email from 8am to 8pm EST on November 28. (We’ll also respond every business day after GivingTuesday via live chat from 9am–7pm ET and by email from 8am–8pm ET, as well as 12pm–3pm ET on Sunday.)
  • OUR CHAT BOT: Before our live Give Lively support specialists step in with quick, individualized service, or when they are unavailable, our upgraded Give Lively Chat Bot is at the ready.
  • OUR ENGINEERS: In addition to our support team hours, our engineers are ready on GivingTuesday with their “behind-the-screens” magic from 8am EST to 3am EST (12 midnight PST). 
  • HELPFUL FAQs: And we compiled the most common questions asked by donors last GivingTuesday, just in case.

Make sure you eat, drink some water and channel the positive energy of the day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

You’ve got this.

As always, happy fundraising!
The Give Lively Team