Subscribers can now choose what emails we send them

Learn about our email subscription lists and how to personalize them.
August 4, 2023
Ethan Gelber
Content Director

We've improved how we manage the emails we send. No actions are needed from subscribers for the system to work effectively, but we're pleased to announce that all email subscribers can now personalize the system to meet their desires.

Passionately interested in our platform updates but not nonprofit best practices? Subscribe to one list but not the other. That’s what our new Email Preferences page is all about.

Are you a subscriber? Don’t have access to our Email Preferences page? Let our customer service team know (please include the email address in question) and we’ll send an email with a personalized link. You can also use the “Manage email preferences” link in the footer of emails you receive from Give Lively.

Default email lists

Member nonprofits and others interested in receiving news and updates from Give Lively are initially subscribed to the following topics by default:

  • Give Lively platform updates - communications about important new features of and major improvements to our platform
  • Vital service updates - important notifications about site maintenance and major incidents
  • Company news - outreach about significant developments in Give Lively’s world
  • Nonprofit profiles - information about the inspirational and creative ways in which Give Lively member nonprofits are fundraising
  • Nonprofit best practices - wisdom gained from our member nonprofits and shared to the advantage of all.

These lists correspond to the types of Give Lively information we have always shared.

This is only for illustrative purposes. It does not show the complete email list.

Additional lists

In addition to the email lists above, here are some other lists to keep in mind:

  • Salesforce integration updates - for users of our Give Lively for Salesforce app: Service notices and reminders about important changes to our Salesforce integration
  • Updates page notifications - an email prompt when we publish a new update about our company, platform, members, partnerships, service or best practices.
  • Beta testing opportunities - notices to member nonprofits interested in trialing new or improved features and products before their general release 
  • Give Lively platform status page - to see and/or subscribe to immediate updates about all service interruptions (this list is managed through

We hope these email management features meet with everyone’s approval as we strive to be transparent about our work, share enlightenment from nonprofits and ensure that inboxes are appropriately optimized.