Apply for Give Lively membership: an overview

The Give Lively membership application process can be completed in four easy steps. You will only need a few minutes, provided you have a few essential details right at hand. 

In order to set you up for success, this page contains important information about the process. Please read it carefully so that you can make easy progress toward leveraging our powerful, practical and free fundraising software, including unlimited access to smart digital fundraising pages, peer- and event-based campaigns, the power of text-to-donate, mobile-first payment methods and much more.

Unsure about membership? Here's why you should sign up to become a member with Give Lively.

Before you begin

The information below explains how you start the Give Lively set-up process. Once this step is complete, move on to connecting a Stripe account with Give Lively.

IMPORTANT: Give Lively nonprofit membership is only open to U.S. nonprofits that are public charities (not private foundations) with 501(c)(3) status.

If that is the case, keep the following in mind:

Apply early.

We manually screen all applications. Although filling out the application is a quick process, the usual review period is 7-10 business days from the moment you connect your Stripe account to Give Lively (more about this below). 

Is your timeframe tighter than that? Complete your application and then, in the appropriate section, let us know if you’re facing a time crunch. 

Our values are a central membership pillar. 

One reason for manually reviewing all applications is to ensure alignment with our values statements, because our commitment to nonprofits goes beyond buttressing fundraising efforts.

We check that all of our members will not use our platform or products to:

  • discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status in any activities, programs or operations,
  • advocate against or deny the rights of women,
  • advocate for the sale, ownership and/or civilian use of assault weapons, weapons of war, high capacity magazines, automatic weapons or any mechanism that can convert a firearm into an automatic weapon, 
  • disseminate hate speech or dangerous speech, promote or incite violence online or offline.

Sign-up overview

Sign-up Step 1: Find Your Nonprofit

We ask you for your 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s EIN so that we can locate it in the GuideStar database.

This part is easy. Just have your EIN at the ready, and confirm your organization has a GuideStar profile.

Sign-up Step 2: Create a Give Lively Account

We ask you to create a Give Lively account for your nonprofit with a person’s name, email address, work telephone number and work role. You will need to set a password and, very importantly, identify whether your nonprofit has a Stripe account.

So that there isn’t any confusion down the line, please collect the account details you will need of the person who will oversee the Give Lively account. Note that, for faster approval, the email address should be associated with the nonprofit’s website. Otherwise, be prepared to verify the account holder's association with the nonprofit.

For the Stripe question, find out if your organization has a Stripe account and, if so, make sure you have access to it. We use Stripe to securely manage financial transactions between you, your donors and your bank. Without a Stripe account, you will not be able to receive donations, so we don’t review applications until a Stripe account has been identified and connected to us. Don’t have a Stripe account yet? Don’t worry! Once you apply, we’ll make one for you and guide you through setting it up. Learn more about Stripe.

Sign-up Step 3: Tell Us About Your Organization and/or Create Your Stripe Account 

We ask you to tell us about your organization: your online fundraising goal for the next 12 months, the Give Lively product you are most interested in and how you heard about us. 

If you clicked “No, make one for me” in answer to the previous step’s Stripe question, then you will also be asked to submit an email address to use with Stripe. This is the email address that Stripe will use to create a new account. Stripe will send an email to this address to complete the Stripe application process. Keep an eye out for this email, since it contains a required action to round out the application process. Remember that your Stripe account is separate from the Give Lively account that you created in the previous step.

If you clicked “Yes, connect it to Give Lively,” this additional Stripe request doesn’t appear.

Sign-up Step 4: Connect or Claim Your Stripe Account

We ask you to connect or claim your Stripe account and then fully set it up by
(1) enabling your Stripe account to accept donations via ACH (bank transfer) and
(2) applying for Stripes nonprofit discount.

For nonprofits receiving a new Stripe account, Stripe can sometimes take a few days to complete this action.

It is upon completion of this step — once your activated Stripe account has been connected to Give Lively — that our 7- to 10-business day application review period begins. It is at the end of this step that you will be asked to provide additional details to us if you have an event or fundraiser launching within 7-10 days.

That’s it! We look forward to supporting you and the incredible work you do.

June 8, 2020