Why should 501(c)(3) nonprofits choose Give Lively?

Our fundraising platform stands apart from others for a trio of reasons:

  • Our cost -- we are free for nonprofits
  • Our direct collaboration with nonprofits
  • Our emphasis on progressive values

Our platform is free for nonprofits

We believe that nonprofits, no matter their size, should not sacrifice their means to satisfy their missions. So we built and support a powerful and practical fundraising platform that’s free for nonprofits and intuitive for donors — no setup fees, no platform fees, no membership or subscription fees, no annual or monthly fees, no hidden Give Lively fees.

We also never sell, rent or lease any data — just one aspect of our comprehensive approach to data privacy and security. Nor do we charge donors to give through our platform.

Learn more about why we’re free for nonprofits

We communicate and collaborate directly with nonprofits

Give Lively’s dedicated team of advocates and technologists is proud to collaborate directly with nonprofits of all sizes as we improve our platform to better serve their needs and desires. To facilitate this, our nonprofit members have access to a shared transparent feedback tool through which they make requests and upvote others’ suggestions, as well as gauge our progress on projects we undertake. 

Our commitment to nonprofits goes beyond fundraising

We support values that inspire nonprofits to tackle tough challenges and complex issues such as gender and racial equality, reproductive health and LGBTQ+ rights, social and environmental justice, education, domestic violence, immigrant services and more.

In keeping with that, we personally review every membership application to ensure each nonprofit member aligns with our values. We also work to terminate all uses of our technology that promote activities not in alignment with our values

Notably, we believe that #BlackLivesMatter and stand in solidarity with Asian Americans.

Learn more about the values we hold dear.

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