Did the nonprofit I donated to via a fundraising page receive the entire donation? Were any fees taken out?

Give Lively does not charge for the use of our apps and services, nor do we take any funds out of your donation, except for fees charged by our payment processor Stripe (see below). This is unlike many other services that charge a fee on top of the credit card transaction fee (sometimes up to 8% or more). At Give Lively, we are pleased to be able to pass along 100% of your donation, minus Stripe's fee, to the nonprofits you designate.

Stripe charges a fee to collect money from your credit card, which gets taken out from the donation before being passed along to us. Current Stripe fees for registered nonprofits are 2.2% + $.30 for MasterCard and Visa transactions, and a flat 3.5% for American Express.

That means for all gifts under $30, the nonprofit will get more if you use American Express and for all gifts above $30, they'll get more if you use a Visa or MasterCard.

Stripe charges a fee of .8% (with a cap of $5) for processing ACH direct deposit payments. If you are making a recurring donation, or a gift over $65, be sure to pay via direct deposit so that the nonprofit you are supporting gets more of your donation.

October 22, 2018