How do I find my annual summary of donations?

To help US-based donors during tax season, we provide easy access to a full summary of all donations made to one or more nonprofit organizations that use our Give Lively fundraising platform to raise money.

This donation summary is located within our secure online Give Lively User Portal. 

This article summarizes how to navigate the User Portal and make the most of your tax summary.

Log in to the User Portal

  • If you already have your User Portal user account, then log in.
  • If this is your first time using the User Portal, then you must first create a user account using a working email address that was submitted at the time of a donation. 
  • If you donated using more than one email address, then you'll need to create an account and/or log in for each email address.

Learn more about how to access the Give Lively User Portal and, if needed, set up a user account.

View your annual tax summary

  1. Click on 'Donation History' in the left-hand navigation. By default, donations from three years are listed by date, starting from the current year, with the most recent donation at the top.
  2. View the donations made in only one year by selecting that year from the options listed directly beneath 'Donation History’. For example, for all donations made in 2020, select the ‘2020’ tab.
  3. You can also sort by nonprofit by clicking on the word ‘Nonprofit’, with the nonprofits listed from A to Z. 
  4. To reverse the order of information in a chosen column, click on the small green arrow next to ‘Date’ or ‘Nonprofit’. 
  5. Only donations with a ‘SUCCEEDED’ status should be reviewed for tax purposes. 
  6. All donation amounts include any fees that you may have elected to cover. This is fully explained in the itemized details for each receipt, which can be reviewed by clicking on ‘View Receipt’.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to chat with or email our Member Support team.

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