How do donors view the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is a ranked view of peer-based fundraising activity in support of your nonprofit. Useful in encouraging friendly competitive giving, it is created automatically when you set up a Campaign Page, but not immediately visible unless you choose to display it in any of three places: a Campaign Page, Donation Widget and/or as a standalone page. 

On Campaign Pages and Donation Widgets, the Leaderboard is a searchable, paginated list with two tabs (one for individual fundraisers and the other for teams) showing 10 items per page, each item linked to an individual or team fundraising page. On its own page, the Leaderboard is larger and also includes a description of the campaign and a progress meter to track and exhibit donations in real time. 

Learn more about the Leaderboard, including a step-by-step set-up walkthrough, in our Resource Hub (for members, but open to all). 

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