How does Give Lively support its members?

Our member nonprofits and their donors are central to everything we do. With that in mind, we maintain a robust set of tools -- online resources, a live Member Support team and a product feedback facility for members -- all put in place to help our users succeed.  

Our online resources

We have two online resources: these FAQs and our Resource Hub.

Our Member Support team

Our Member Support team is outstanding. We pride ourselves on its effectiveness and its human touch when tech support can sometimes feel automated. Our tight-knit team will work with you to resolve queries via email and chat. Normal live chat support hours are 9am-5pm ET and support via email hours are 8am-6pm ET, Monday through Friday. Learn more about how to contact Give Lively, including customer support best practices. 

Our product feedback facility

Give Lively’s dedicated team of advocates and technologists is proud to collaborate directly with nonprofits of all sizes as we improve our platform to better serve their needs and desires. Our product development is based primarily on proactive outreach to and advice from our nonprofit members and their donors. To facilitate this, our nonprofit members have access to a shared transparent feedback tool through which they make requests and upvote others’ suggestions, as well as gauge our progress on projects we undertake. 

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