Is this article for you? It covers information for donors giving through Give Lively pages/forms.
Is this article for you? It covers information for individual/team fundraisers who collect donations on behalf of Give Lively member nonprofits.
Is this article for you? It addresses donating through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket.
Is this article for you? It addresses donating through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket.
Is this article for you? It covers information for nonprofits learning about Give Lively.

How does Give Lively support its members?

Online resources

We have lots of online self-serve resources:

  • FAQs: Our FAQs are structured to direct donors and prospective members to helpful answers about us, about our platform and about membership, with additional lists of resources for nonprofits and tools for donors, as well as information about applying for membership.
  • Resource Hub: Our Resource Hub is designed for members, but open to all, as a one-stop shop for information and instruction about how to use our powerful, practical and free fundraising technology.
  • Updates Page: On our Updates Page, we share articles about our company, platform, members, partnerships, service and best practices.
  • Changelog: The Changelog is our running log of new releases, improvements and fixes to Give Lively features, products and solutions.
  • Give Lively status page: Anyone can see and/or subscribe to our status page, the home of real-time and historical information about our system performance and metrics.
  • Brand Guidelines: Our brand guidelines provide detailed explanations of the work we do and the purpose of our brand. They can be used to ensure brand consistency everywhere Give Lively is present.

Our customer support team

Our customer support team is outstanding, with an average response time of four minutes via chat and 2.5 hours via email. We take pride in our team’s effectiveness and human touch at a time when tech support can sometimes feel too automated. 

The tight-knit team is ready to resolve queries via email and chat. Typical support hours for live chat are 9am-5pm ET and via email from 8am-6pm ET, Monday through Friday, and 10am-6pm ET on Sundays. Learn more about how to contact Give Lively, including customer support best practices. 

Customer support integration specialists

Give Lively member nonprofits also have access to our dedicated Give Lively for Salesforce and Zapier integration team. 

Our Salesforce integration is specifically designed to complement the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Our Zapier integration allows nonprofits to connect Give Lively to 6,000+ other web services. When in need of assistance with either integration, members can access a knowledgeable specialist

After-hours support

Give Lively AI chat bot

Questions can arise at any hour. When our customer support team is unavailable, members and donors can consult with the Give Lively AI Bot in the bottom-right corner of The bot has an encyclopedic understanding of our platform and points inquiring minds to the help they need. The AI bot is also the first point of contact for chat users, gathering directive details that quickly get the next open customer support specialist up to speed when it’s time to connect directly with a user. 

Webinars, training and courses

We want our members to have the knowledge they need to make effective use of the Give Lively platform. To that end, we provide:

Collaborative development

Product roadmap and feedback

Give Lively’s dedicated team of advocates and technologists is proud to collaborate directly with nonprofits of all sizes as we improve our platform to better serve their needs and desires. Our product development is based primarily on proactive outreach to and advice from our member nonprofits and their donors. To facilitate this, all member nonprofits have access to a shared transparent feedback tool through which they make requests and upvote others’ suggestions, as well as gauge our progress on projects we undertake. 

Beta programs

An integral part of our collaborative product development is beta programs. By participating in a closed beta program, member nonprofits are granted early access to new products and features in exchange for feedback. This helps us refine functionality before fully releasing a new product or feature to all members. Members can sign up to be the first to learn about beta testing opportunities.

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