In what ways can my nonprofit use Text-to-Donate?

Text-to-Donate is our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when donors are on the go. Donors text/SMS a special “text code” to 44321 (valid with U.S. phone numbers on U.S. carrier networks) and receive a text reply with a link to a secure, mobile-ready fundraising page where they can then donate.

Text-to-Donate can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. Once a catchy text code has been created and linked to a campaign, it can be shared on social media, blogs and your website; in promotional videos, livestreams, print materials and Live Display; at press appearances, live and virtual events and much more, all with the goal of increasing a campaign’s visibility and the likelihood of receiving donations. 

We recommend using a multichannel approach when it comes to promoting a text code. Some marketing materials have local and short-term appeal, while other approaches are more far reaching and have a life that can touch donors over the long term. A call to action should be included in every promotion of the text code, whether it is digital or in person and involves print, animation, podcasts, video or anything else.

Consider using other Give Lively products and solutions alongside Text-to-Donate to achieve best results. Notably, Text-to-Donate is part of our Digital Fundraising and Event Fundraising solutions, and designed to work in tandem with all of our products. 

As with all Give Lively nonprofit fundraising products, Text-to-Donate is free. Nonprofits can create as many unique text codes as needed for all their campaigns, events and more. And they have free and unlimited use of our five-digit short code.

For more tips, see our ultimate guide to Text-to-Donate in the Resource Hub (for members, but open to all).

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