How does Text-to-Donate work?

Text-to-Donate is our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when donors are on the go. Donors text/SMS a special “text code” to 44321 (valid with U.S. phone numbers on U.S. carrier networks) and receive a text reply with a link to a secure, mobile-ready fundraising page where they can then donate.

A custom text code is unique to the nonprofit that creates it and to the campaign it supports. The goal is to create a memorable text code that increases a campaign’s visibility and the likelihood of receiving donations. The text code is best kept short, memorable and easy to type, so that it can be spoken aloud, shared on the web or social media, printed on handouts or projected at events. Learn how to make the most of Text-to-Donate on our Resource Hub (for members, but open to all).

As with all Give Lively nonprofit fundraising products, Text-to-Donate is free. Nonprofits can create as many unique text codes as needed for all their campaigns, events and more. And they have free and unlimited use of our five-digit short code, 44321 (only on U.S. phone carriers). 

Please note that Text-to-Donate is not the same as "Text to Give.” The latter is when someone sends a text message with a donation amount, rather than a text code, to a special short code. The donation amount is then automatically charged against a card on file with an involved organization. We power Text-to-Donate, not Text-to-Give.

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