Why do I need Stripe to use Give Lively?

We use Stripe to securely manage financial transactions between you, your donors and your bank. As Stripe does the actual money handling, not Give Lively, our fundraising pages will not function without it. All Give Lively members must therefore have a fully authorized and connected Stripe account to use our technology. 

Without a Stripe account, which is entirely separate from your Give Lively account, you will not be able to receive donations made to you through the Give Lively fundraising platform.

Not yet heard of Stripe? 

Stripe is an industry-leading, secure payment processor trusted by over 100,000 companies and nonprofits. (A payment processor manages the financial transaction process by mediating between merchants and financial institutions.) Learn more about Stripe

What does Stripe cost?

While there is no cost to setting up or using Give Lively technology, and there is no cost to setting up a Stripe account, Stripe does charge a small transaction fee to collect money from a credit card or through a bank, as well as fines for some failed/disputed charges. Give Lively does not receive any of these fees. They are levied by Stripe and paid entirely to Stripe. This chart makes clear the transaction fees associated with using Stripe.

Please note: We don’t review new membership applications until a Stripe account has been identified and connected to the Give Lively platform. As the final step in all membership applications, new users are prompted either to create a Stripe account or to log in to an existing one, and then connect it to Give Lively. Learn more about the Give Lively membership application process.

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