How and why is Give Lively’s platform free for nonprofits?

We believe that nonprofits, no matter their size, should not sacrifice their means to satisfy their missions. So we built and support a powerful and practical fundraising platform that’s free for nonprofits and intuitive for donors.

We understand and sympathize with your concern about what “free” means today. We've experienced the same “free” service offers with hidden gotchas. And we know that some services claim to be "free" as a way to justify selling your data.

We pledge to be different.

What free means to us 

We do not charge nonprofits for use of our fundraising platform — no setup fees, no platform fees, no membership or subscription fees, no annual or monthly fees, no hidden Give Lively fees.

We also never sell, rent or lease any data — just one aspect of our comprehensive approach to data privacy and security. Nor do we charge donors to give through our platform.

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How is free possible?

Our founders are committed philanthropists. In keeping with their goodwill vision of digital fundraising, they cover our operating costs so that we don’t have to charge nonprofits or donors.

They see Give Lively as a technological remedy to the complexity of fundraising, as well as a way to make strategic, efficient and impartial decisions about how to support the nonprofit community. In Give Lively, they identified a mechanism for sustainably leveraging their resources to help meet the development needs of a very broad group of potential beneficiaries.

That mechanism is our superpower. We call it the Give Lively Effect: a proven way of democratizing and leveling the digital fundraising playing field, guiding nonprofits into the digital age, helping them hit their fundraising goals and freeing them to devote more resources to their critical work.

Learn more about our founders’ rationale, the Give Lively Effect and our impact.

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