Why would someone choose to be a peer-to-peer fundraiser?

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising are two means by which passionate supporters can actively advocate for your nonprofit and the essential work it does, making a real difference to the communities you serve and creating a far wider ripple effect in them. 

Easy and intuitive for donors and nonprofits alike — individual and team fundraising pages are created and managed entirely by fundraisers themselves — they empower social and community-minded motivators, as individuals and/or members of teams, to tap into their networks, introduce your cause to others and raise money on your behalf, thus helping your organization to increase awareness of its mission, reach new donors, broaden its base of community support and raise more money with less direct effort.

Importantly, peer-based fundraising also helps mobilize supporters who may not be able to contribute financially themselves, but have the time, passion and aptitude for encouraging others to do so.

For examples of how our member nonprofits have used Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Team Fundraising, see our members in action.

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