Are there different levels of membership?

For nonprofits

There is only one level of membership for nonprofits: free and full membership. Once an approved Give Lively member, your nonprofit gains full access to all of the powerful, practical and free solutions and products included in the Give Lively fundraising platform.

This includes:

  • Digital Fundraising - Unlimited campaign pages, embeddable donation widgets, and text-to-donate features.
  • Event Fundraising - Event ticketing pages and text-to-donate with real-time live display.
  • Peer-Based Fundraising - Individual and team peer-to-peer fundraising with a ranked leaderboard.

Learn more about Give Lively membership.

For donors

Donors do not need to be Give Lively members to donate.

Nor is membership required of donors who wish to participate in any peer-based fundraising activities (Peer-to-Peer Fundraising or Team Fundraising). That said, fundraisers do need to create an account in order to start fundraising in support of your nonprofit. 

This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Clicking the “I Want To Fundraise For This” button on your nonprofit’s fundraising page and then following the simple “Create A Fundraising Page” instructions.  
  2. Clicking a direct link to the “Create A Fundraising Page” page of any campaign that your nonprofit wishes to share with potential fundraisers. 

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