Who is Give Lively?

Give Lively is the future of digital fundraising for nonprofits -- powerful, practical and free.

We are a dedicated team of advocates and technologists, proud to support the progressive values that inspire organizations to tackle tough challenges and complex issues.

We believe nonprofits, no matter their size, should not sacrifice their means to satisfy their missions. Our direct collaboration with them reflects this; their needs propel the development of our product -- a powerful and practical, no-commitment/no-fee fundraising platform.

Importantly, it’s free for nonprofits. Made possible by our philanthropist founders’ goodwill vision of digital fundraising. By financing Give Lively, they activated what we call the Give Lively Effect, our super power, which guides nonprofits into the digital age, helps them hit their fundraising goals, and frees them to devote more resources to their critical work.

Our tech's root power is its broad scope, and its practicality is its emphasis on donor conversion and ease of use -- all through peer- and event-based campaigns, text messaging, mobile-first payment methods and much more.

Want to learn more? Read about us.

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