How can I get a refund for my donation?

As described in our Terms of Use, Give Lively is unable to issue refunds on behalf of our nonprofit members, even if the donation was made in error.

For one-time donations, refunds can only be arranged directly through the nonprofit named on the donation receipt. Please contact them directly.

For recurring donations, as of November 2020, you now have direct access to a secure User Portal through which you can cancel them, but you must still contact the nonprofit directly about refunds.

If you have misplaced the email receipt(s) you received after making your donation(s), you can find them all in the User Portal.

If you already have a User Portal account and wish to view your receipts:

  1. Log in to the User Portal.
  2. Select "Payment History" in the left-hand navigation. This will pull up a full history of payments, sorted by date. Each payment includes the name of the beneficiary nonprofit and the amount paid.
  3. Select "View Receipt" of the desired payment to open a receipt for that payment. There is no active link associated with "Pending" and "Refunded" payments.

If you do not have a User Portal account, learn what and where the Give Lively User Portal is and how to set up a user account.

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