What are the third-party processing fees involved in using the Giving Basket?

This FAQ addresses Give Lively’s role in processing donations through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket and may not apply to all Give Lively members.

Charity Navigator charges no administrative fees and Give Lively’s fundraising technology is free for nonprofits. However, the fees charged by the third-party services used to process and disburse each donation are as follows (as of November 2021):

  • 0.8% (with a cap of $5, no matter how large the donation) for ACH/bank transfers
  • 2.2% + $0.30 for major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner Club and JCB 
  • 3.5% for American Express
  • 1.99% + $0.49 for PayPal
  • $0.86 check processing fee per monthly check: this is subtracted from the lump-sum check, applied proportionally across all donations included in the check (see the “Fractional Disbursement Fee” column in your CSV export of donor data).

These figures are based on special nonprofit rates offered by Stripe and PayPal, the primary payment processors. All nonprofits receiving donations via the Giving Basket automatically benefit from these special rates through Give Lively. Standard rates are slightly different. 

Again, these fees do not go to Charity Navigator or Give Lively. They are automatically deducted from each donation by the third-party payment processors. That said, depending on the payment method, donors may have the option of covering some processing fees (as an additional tax-deductible gift) during the Giving Basket checkout. Note that, at present, donors are not able to cover the $0.86 check processing fee.

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