What does the value of the Giving Basket direct deposit I receive represent?

This FAQ addresses Give Lively’s role in processing donations through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket and may not apply to all Give Lively members.

As a Give Lively member, you receive direct deposits for the net value of one or more recent contributions directed to your organization via the Giving Basket (except those made via PayPal). It’s a lump sum, minus third-party payment processing fees, and can be used for general purposes, unless otherwise designated. Importantly, there are no other conditions attached to these funds, and the donors have already received tax acknowledgements.

Notably, Give Lively utilizes a “Stripe Transfer” to send batches of funds generated by Giving Basket donations. This is different from the “Stripe Direct Charge” typically used when disbursing individual donations generated from Give Lively fundraising pages. Learn more about how Giving Basket transfers are logged by Stripe.

Donation data about contributions disbursed via directly deposited Stripe Transfers is available in the Giving Basket Reports portal; click on “Transfers” in the left-hand navigation bar. Learn how to access your reports portal here.

To keep you up to date on the donations you receive through the Giving Basket, starting in February 2022 (for donations made in the month of January 2022) we will send an email transfer notification the first time (only the first time) a Stripe Transfer is initiated.

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