What security precautions are taken to protect my credit card information?

Give Lively uses Stripe, a secure, industry-leading credit card transaction processing service to process all credit card information managed by our apps and services. Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level 1 -- the highest standard of compliance available.  You can find more information on Stripe's security overview page.

For more information about PCI Service Provider Level 1 compliance and our careful efforts to protect data and provide security during all Give Lively operations, start by reading about how strongly we believe in privacy and security.

We have also made clear what donor data is captured through Give Lively donation forms and what we do with it.

IMPORTANT: For the security reasons outlined above, and as described in our Terms of Use, Give Lively is unable to issue refunds on behalf of our nonprofit members, even if the donation was made in error. Refunds can only be arranged directly through the nonprofit named on the donation receipt.

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