Why am I not getting a full refund for my Giving Basket donation?

This FAQ addresses Give Lively’s role in processing donations through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket and may not apply to all Give Lively members.

Give Lively powers Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket. In accordance with our Terms of Use, a donation may not be cancelled or returned once it has been processed.

In the case of accidental donations, however, some exceptions may be possible. That being said, payment processing fees, already deducted by the processor, cannot be refunded. The refundable amount will be the total originally donated minus the payment processing fees.

For all questions about donations, including refunds, cancellations and changes, contact Giving Basket support at givingbasket@charitynavigator.org. Please note that refunds, if possible, can only be issued during the same calendar month of the completed transaction.

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