Grasp the difference between the Core Profile and Campaign Pages

Both your Core Profile and your Campaign Pages can act as fundraising pages, but they are not the same. Understand why.

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Your Core Profile acts as the foundation for your fundraising efforts, no matter what Give Lively fundraising solutions or products you use. It controls your account’s basic settings, and those settings are automatically inherited by other fundraising pages. Learn how to set up your Core Profile.

Differently, Campaign Pages reflect each of your unique fundraising drives. When you create a Campaign Page, it adopts the mission statement, logo, background image, brand color, and thank you message from your Core Profile. You can also make additional edits and changes to Campaign Pages without affecting your Core Profile. Learn how to build a Campaign Page.

Both your Core Profile and Campaign Pages can act as fundraising pages. We recommend using the Core Profile for year-round fundraising and Campaign Pages for specific fundraising pushes. In both cases, if you would like a notification for every donation your nonprofit receives, you can set this up in Stripe in three easy steps.

Please also note that certain features are only available on Campaign Pages, such as the Story Template (which allows for videos, images and other media on the fundraising page), Live Display, and the fundraising progress bar.


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