Troubleshoot the Nonprofit Admin Portal

The Nonprofit Admin Portal is where you manage all of your online fundraising using Give Lively technology. Learn what you can do, how to add new team members to the portal and what happens if you forgot your password.

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Before You Get Started

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For preliminary information about the Nonprofit Admin Portal, including a brief tour of its dashboard, go here.

Add team members to the portal

To provide full admin access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal by other members of your team, see how to add new users to the Nonprofit Admin Portal. Note: the same email address cannot be used by an admin for more than one account. When an existing nonprofit admin invites another user to the Nonprofit Admin Portal whose email is already on record, the following popup appears: "[email address] is already associated with another nonprofit organization in the Give Lively system. Please use a different email address."

Delete users from the portal

To remove users of or "pending invitations" to the Nonprofit Admin Portal, see how to delete users from the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

Remember: Removed users will no longer have any access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal. And for deleted “Pending Invitations,” the invite email that was sent out, which already expires after a week, will immediately become invalid.

Change a user's email in the portal

  1. Add the desired email as a new user.
  2. Log out of the account associated with the old email address.
  3. Log back in using the new email address.
  4. Delete the old account.

Forgot your password? Want to change your password?

  1. Go to the Nonprofit Admin Portal log-in page.
  2. Click "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions to reset your password.


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