Download donor data from Nonprofit Admin Portal

Download donor data with the click of a button. This data includes donor names, email addresses, donation date, donation amount, donation frequency (one-time or monthly), donation page, and other custom information.

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Before You Get Started

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Log in to the Nonprofit Admin Portal and scroll down the Dashboard page to the section on the right side called "Export Donor Data."

Insert a date range for the donation data you'd like to download and click the "Export" button.

This leads to two possible scenarios:

  • For any requested report with fewer than 4,000 charges in the specified date range, the download will begin automatically a few moments later.
  • For any requested report with 4,000 or more charges in the specified date range, a popup alert will advise that the report can be downloaded via an email once the report is ready. This email will be sent to the address associated with the Nonprofit Admin Portal user account. Each report will be available for 72 hours from the time the email is sent; if that time expires, a new export must be launched.

Once complete, the downloaded CSV file contains data that can be sorted however you like.

The data set includes donors' names, email addresses, donation date, whether the donation was one-time or recurring (monthly), the size of the donation, which page they donated through, and any other information you've elected to collect.

A more extensive data set can be downloaded from Stripe, including information about payment status, fees paid, credit card information, and more. Learn how to download data from Stripe.


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