Four nonprofits in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are inspired by the work that these four nonprofits are doing in fighting breast cancer.
October 24, 2023
Clair Lofthouse
Technical Writer

Every October, an abundance of pink ribbons – and pink everything – makes the prevalence of breast cancer in the United States impossible to ignore. And when surviving breast cancer can depend on early detection, “impossible to ignore” is exactly what the doctor ordered.

People assigned female at birth are not the only ones who should keep an eye out for telltale signs; about 1 in 8 women and a small percentage of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, according to

People receiving gender-affirming care should also familiarize themselves with the signs and preventative measures. Although more research is needed on the effects of hormone replacement therapy, the current understanding is that “transgender women and non-binary people assigned male at birth (amab) who take estrogen as a form of gender-affirming [hormone replacement therapy] are at increased risk of breast cancer compared to cisgender men. After being on HRT for 5 years, trans women and amab non-binary people aged 40 and up who are at otherwise average risk should receive annual mammograms.”

 Since early detection is so important, let’s review some common signs of breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, any of the following unusual changes in the breast can be a symptom of breast cancer: 
  • swelling of all or part of the breast skin
  • irritation or dimpling
  • breast pain
  • nipple pain or the nipple turning inward
  • redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • a lump in the underarm area

We are inspired by the work that these four nonprofits are doing in fighting breast cancer. The impact they make every day is impossible to ignore. 

Meet the nonprofits

Pink Warrior Advocates 

This Texas-based nonprofit is focused on providing direct support to anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Pink Warrior Advocates believes in creating a community of Advocates to guide breast cancer Warriors through their journeys. Built on hard-won first-hand experience, PWA provides resources, financial assistance and, most importantly, emotional support to fellow breast cancer Warriors.

Beneficiaries are matched with both an advocate – a dedicated friend to lend support, rides to appointments, gifts and tokens of genuine encouragement and love – and financial support. That could mean a mortgage payment for a single mom who is out of work while she fights for her life or the cost of a biopsy that isn’t in her budget. Since 2015, Pink Warrior Advocates has awarded over $475,000 in grants to women undergoing treatment for a breast cancer diagnosis.

We wish Pink Warrior Advocates luck on their upcoming 8th Annual Mimosas and Mammograms event. PWA is using a Give Lively-powered Campaign Page, and donations will cover mammograms. At the time of writing, the page is already almost 15% of the way to the $10,000 goal! 

The Pink Agenda

This nonprofit is committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care, as well as awareness of the disease among young professionals. By engaging today’s generation to find tomorrow’s cure, The Pink Agenda finds, funds and partners with people and programs that are improving the lives of those suffering from breast cancer and conducting the groundbreaking research necessary to improve their odds.

The Pink Agenda used a Give Lively-powered Campaign Page to raise money into support ofthe TPA Talks, the nonprofit’s yearly health and wellness educational symposium.

Pink Fund

No one undergoing breast cancer treatment should ever have to choose between getting medical care and paying household bills. Sadly, treatment costs, coupled with income loss, force hard decisions. The financial side of a cancer diagnosis can be just as devastating as the medical side. The Pink Fund provides 90-day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patients in active treatment, so they can focus on healing, raising their families and returning to the workplace.

The Pink Fund used a Give Lively-powered Campaign Page and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising in combination for an in-person fundraising event. 

Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer 

The mission of this Arizona-based nonprofit is to provide high-quality, reliable information and support to Black breast cancer patients, and to educate the Black community about breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and screening. In 2009, when Mayo Clinic employees Dr. Michele Halyard and Marion Kelly were discussing the need within the Black community for high-quality information on breast cancer, the idea arose for an initiative focused on the unique pathological, cultural and physical circumstances Black patients face. They knew that the medical differences, like tumor biology, coupled with cultural issues, such as a hesitation to openly discuss illness, were leading to higher mortality rates. Ever since, the Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer has been working toward a reality where every person of African descent with a breast cancer diagnosis has access to high-quality information, support and resources to assist in their breast cancer journey.

Visitors to the nonprofit's website find a Give Lively-powered Core Profile fundraising page by clicking the “Donate” button at the top right.